how quickly the weekend passes…. I’d so many plans; wash the car (poor little dirty gocart), clean the house, organize all the loose threads of everyday life. Pick up something at the post office. Cut my hair. Organize winter clothes. What did I do? Laundry. Had a great champagne evening at our friends house. Read the start of a new, obviously great novel (oh joy, two sentences and I’m hooked). Tune my guitar. Write down a text that showed up in my head while brushing my teeth. Danced a bit. Sat in front of the fire with my man (a whole three minutes with no interruption). Babysitting a cat and a boy. Give in to three bouts of migraine in the middle of it all. Take a lot of pills. Talked to lovely friends. Cook a wonderful dinner this evening :o)))
Dirty car, dirty house, fantastic life.

øyeblikksbilde, november 2011


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