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Soul of my feet


My precious….. 🙂

The best time of year is when I wear these all the time.
Yesterday, swimming at Huk, on the hottest day in Oslo this year, before driving home, a quick shower and packing a few things.


Still barefoot on the plane we watch Norway disappear under us. Before I can adjust to the quick change, driving into the dark evening over the Danish fields, passing sleeping horses.

Today migraine, but pills, rest and stubbornness gave me an hour of sea and sand, still. Swimming another ocean- but the same, really, I guess.
Such different landscapes. I’m flooded by childhood images, sensations, although that was another part of the country. The way the birds sing; the long, sandy beaches. The wind on my wet arms.
Today, tomorrow, the child images move somewhere in the background while I talk, eat, listen to the birds, spend time with my family. That other world, an old fairytale.
My feet sense the ground; sand, grass, the garden tiles hot in the sun or wet from the children playing.

They remember, too.