For being soft



Oh yes.

and straight away I remember

sitting there, so close to

in my head I can see our hands, holding

your face turned towards me

that expression


where everything in me melts away from words


close, close

your breath moving my belly

nose in the nook of your soft throat


you did it once

I was dancing slowly

closed your body around me, your face in my hair, let my back lean into you

Oh my. Oh my


And still, I was not able, later

lift my hand

make you turn your head

your arm right there in your lap


what if your face said «what?»



I remember

words and words and words

still I couldn’t reach

everything he couldn’t say

and really, really

not hear

me, him


in the heart, in the body

skin muscle sway of the back, the soft cheek


and the face turning




no, I couldn’t lift my hand

your arm right there

your neck the precise curve of my palm


I just sit

focus on the breath moving my belly



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