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I wrote this poem over a year ago, and I am still very fond of it, without knowing exactly why. I’ve known a lot of physical pain, and pain seems to be part of my life for the long haul, something I’m trying to get to grips with. I’ve  also known so much kindness, and I hope I give some of that back, to people I know and those I don’t know. More and more, I realise the impact meeting someone can have, even for a short time, as long as the connection is real. A conversation, a hug, a friendship, fun and laughter. Love.




Sometimes I think I can see

The footprints of pain that was here

Traces on my body from enduring

For a long time, that was all there was

Cells, vessels and curves imprinted


What  does pain look like

fire, ice, knives

I know its sound, I think

Cackling and howling

I hear it whispering when it’s tracking me down


Free me

Please just free me

From the pain graffiti


Does the body know now

How to let it go?

Its memoirs so harshly printed

Every letter hammered in place

Graffiti on my bones

How can I trust the body that is me


Free me

Please just free me

From the pain graffiti


Does love, does kindness

Leave traces too

I want prints of your hands to stay

Fluorescent waves, firework tracks

My body will glow in the dark


Your eyes as they watch me sometimes

In a glimpse knowing me,

A piece of my core understood

Your gaze leaves forever marks

Lovely wing marks fluttering over my cheeks, hips, hands

Love graffiti


Free me

Please just free me

With your love graffiti